Chiropractic Testimonials

"My daughter recommended me to Dr. Ellsworth for my legs, knees, and a sharp pain going into my left shoulder. I find that the adjustments have taken a lot of the pain away and I walk without limping anymore. The pain going down into my arm is almost gone. I would recommend Dr. Ellsworth to anyone.
P.S. I do have more energy since I started at the office."

- Shirley S.

"I became a patient of Dr. Ellsworth by a referral from a friend. When I started as a patient, I was experiencing EXTREME lowback and leg pain. I am now almost pain-free and getting better with each subsequent treatment. If it wasn't for Dr. Ellsworth's knowledge and expertise, my quality of life wouldn't be as good as it is today!"

- Carla A.

"I began receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Ellsworth about five months ago and I have definitely noticed great improvements! I came in because I was having daily/constant shoulder pain and headaches. Now I rarely have that pain/headaches. I did not expect to see these results so quickly. It is such a relief to be pain-free."

- Jacqueline D.

"You can trust that whatever is causing your bodily pain or discomfort will be handled with compassion and care by Dr. Ellsworth of Park Ridge Chiropractic. He is a very caring and skilled practitioner who is able to address your concerns through a variety of ways. He is great at performing manual spinal adjustments which he then follows up with electrical stimulation and the application of ice/heat as needed. It doesn’t end there though. Then Dr. Ellsworth, more often than not will send you home with recommended stretches and exercises to continue you on the road to recovery. I feel very comfortable and safe trusting Dr. Ellsworth with with my chiropractic care and believe you will have great results as I did."

- Mike S.


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